"He's a real Noel-where Man (formerly Liam It Be)"

a year ago

OUVRE COMPENSATING: "He's a real Noel-where Man (formerly Liam It Be)" (1994-1998) There was a time when the biggest music act on the planet shot straight out of Britain to invade the U.S. Some would say they were bigger than Jesus. They would would say "eff the Beatles." And this episode Bob will say they were his collegiate education on the majesty of pop music (to clarify ... its an episode about Oasis ... not The Monkees .. but that was probably pretty clear).

00:00:00 PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - Zero Some

00:01:10 BOSTON REBRAND - and Oeuvre-Explaining the episode

00:05:34 MID-NINETIES AT THE OASIS - Bob singles out Brit Pop

00:16:36 FULLY-FORMED ARROGANCE - and sounding like a 70s mix-tape

00:29:40 CHARLATANS U.K.? - less-than-lyrical content

00:39:09 BONEHEADED BRETHREN — and staging a rivalry

00:43:16 BIGGER THAN BEATLES - but longer than necessary

00:53:29 BOB’S LISTLESS LISTENER’S PARTY - and demystifying the master plan

01:03:20 CLOSINGS - contacts, plugs and no catch phrase

01:06:19 SPECIAL FEATURES - Billy Ocean Size

Get in on the (formerly) biggest band in the world before they were the (formerly) biggest band in the world with an hour of early demos and live performances from OASIS: THE EARLY YEARS.

Be thrilled for the Matt Whitecross Oasis documentary that may have been released (?) with this OFFICIAL TRAILER FOR SUPERSONIC.

Try and follow the Gallagher brothers arguing about their rock-and-roll reputations with this painfully transcribed transcript of WIBBLING RIVALRY, which reached number 52 on the UK release charts in 1995.

Listen to the band try to get it right with this 1992 rehearsal of ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

And, finally, rock out with your Big Ben Clock out as Bob's favorite band performs to everyone in Glastonbury with this 1994 live performance of FADE AWAY.

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“Super Poupi ” (opening theme) and "Poupi Great Adventures: The Arcade Game" (closing theme) performed by Komiku from the 2018 album POUPI'S INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES available at Freemusicarchives.org. Cleared for public domain use through Creative Commons under a CCO 1.0 Universal License.

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